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How to apply

Email application

Telephone application

Please contact Cheltenham and Tewkesbury Building Control Service on 01242 264321 to make an application via telephone. The business support team will take various details and advise on the required payment and methods of payments.

Postal application

Post a completed form to: Building Control, Cheltenham Borough council, Municipal Offices, Promenade, Cheltenham, GL50 9SA.

Other application forms

Other ways to make an application

Application types

Full plans

This type of application requires full working drawings and specifications that are checked for compliance with the building regulations prior to works starting on site. If the plans are found to be satisfactory then an approval notice is issued either with conditions or unconditionally. If there are minor details that require amending you or your agent will be consulted before a formal decision is issued.

A full plans application must be submitted where the Regulatory Reform (Fire safety) Order is being affected. This type of work is usually to commercial premises.

Building notice

This type of application is better suited to small projects that do not have great design complexity. This method is purely risk based on site to assess compliance with the building regulations and therefore this method may not be suitable for more complex works. Any plans or specifications submitted on a building notice are not checked for compliance with the building regulations as there is no requirement for a decision to be issued. It is recommended that regular contact is made with building control for inspections and any queries relating to the works.

Please note that this type of application cannot be used where works affect the Regulatory Reform (Fire safety) Order usually to commercial premises or where the works involve an extension that is being built over or within 3m of a public sewer.


This type of application is only used where unauthorised works have been carried out on or after 11th November 1985. The Building Regulations allows for an owner of a property to retrospectively apply for a Regularisation Certificate when works have been carried out unlawfully. As part of this procedure elements of works may require to be uncovered.

Please note that there is no guarantee that a regularisation certificate will be issued where it is found that works are unsatisfactory.


Where a person would like to demolish a building that has a volume greater than 1750 cubic feet (49.5m3) Cheltenham and Tewkesbury along with the occupier of any adjoining property and any statutory undertakers will require notice of the intended works under section 80, 81, 82 and 83 of the Building Act 1984. Once a notice has been received the council Cheltenham and Tewkesbury building control will issue an acknowledgement letter with conditions attached.

Note: A survey is likely to be carried out prior to any demolition works to identify asbestos. Should any asbestos be uncovered such arrangements should be made for the safe removal and disposal by a registered contractor and at a site which is licensed.


Please contact us for a fee quotation for the Cheltenham and Tewkesbury Building Control Service to carry out the building control function for your proposed building works.