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Building Control services

The building regulations set minimum standards for the design and construction of buildings to ensure the health and safety for people in and around those buildings. The Cheltenham and Tewkesbury building control team pride themselves in helping facilitate the construction of safe, efficient and accessible buildings.

Our highly capable staff has extensive knowledge in all types of construction works, some of the types of works we have dealt with include: domestic, housing developments, retail, fit outs, industrial, education and leisure schemes.

  • We will provide a tailored service to meet your needs.

  • We offer competitive fees that will reflect the level of service that will be provided.

  • We offer free pre-application advice in the early stages of the design to ensure compliance with the building regulations with minimal disruption during the construction phase.

  • We will visit your offices on a regular basis to discuss on-going or future projects.

  • Issue approvals within 15 working days of validation where our plan checking service is used when a full plans or partnership application is submitted.

  • For site inspection requests if notice is given by 3 pm we will carry out a next day inspection.

  • In addition the building control service has a statutory function in dealing with dangerous structure call outs and demolition notices.

Become a Partner with Cheltenham and Tewkesbury through the LABC partnership arrangement

If you are builder or architect have you thought of partnering with Cheltenham and Tewkesbury Building Control service? The partnership arrangements have many benefits which include:

  • Competitive pricing on high volumes of repeat work or major developments.

  • A single point of contact for all your building control work.

  • Plans checked by one authority to give you a consistent approach.

  • Site inspections carried out by a local professional team with invaluable local knowledge and contacts.

  • Have access to In depth expertise on structures, fire, acoustics, warranties, access, contamination, energy and sustainability from LABC specialists.

For more information on how to become a partner please visit www.labc.co.uk/registration-schemes/partner-authority-scheme.

To see who is currently partnered with Cheltenham and Tewkesbury Building Control Service please see our portfolio page.

Additional services that can be provided in conjunction with LABC Consult

There are various additional services that can be provided using LABC Consult. These services include: Energy assessments, Fire Risk assessments, Fire Engineered solutions, Access reports, Acoustic Testing and Warranties.

For further information please visit www.labc.co.uk/consultancy-services.

Your opinions matter

As a valuable customer to our service your thoughts and opinions on the service we provide matters to us. We would be grateful if you could take a few minutes of your time to tell us how you rated the service provided.

Building Control online survey: www.cheltenham.gov.uk/bcsurvey